Friday, February 9, 2007

Affordable Education - It only Makes Sense!

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It is no mystery that rising student debt is coupled to rising tuition fees. The Fundy Royal NDP fully supports the students in their Day of Action for Accessible Post-Secondary Education.

While a post-secondary education benefits the student, it has an even greater impact across the economy. More education means greater productivity and greater civic responsibility both of which seem to be rare commodities in Canada today.

New Brunswick is especially hit hard with a declining population base, low government investment in post-secondary education, and some of the highest tuition rates in the country. Unfortunately, we have a provincial government interested in self-sufficiency that seems keen on studying the problem until it disappears, and a current Member of Parliament for Fundy Royal who actually voted against a free vote motion to lower student debt in the House of Commons.

What this province and this country needs is a comprehensive restructuring of post-secondary education which focuses on shaping the leaders, entrepreneurs, workers, and citizens of tomorrow. The NDP is the only party to act on this issue in response to the students' day of action. As a nation and as a province, we need to invest in post-secondary education and apprenticeship programmes.

Click to watch Jack Layton's statement on the Post-Secondary Education Act

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Alice Finnamore said...

One area that is close to my heart of late is literacy. Harper's Conservatives have cut literacy programs. In a province where many graduate from high school without adequate reading skills, literacy must be emphasized as part of our education and employment strategy.
Alice Finnamore
NDP Candidate, Tobique-Mactaquac