Friday, April 6, 2007

A Voice in Fundy Royal

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It's time for Fundy Royal to be heard. It's time for New Brunswick to be heard.

Let's be honest - we want better jobs, higher pay, better schools, cheaper tuition rates, better opportunities for our children. But guess what? We won't have these things unless we get a say in our own resources. We won't be able to realize any of these dreams without generating new revenue sources for our province.

Last election, I raised the issue of the natural gas available in the McCully field outside of Sussex. We could have had an Energy Park. I can only speculate as to why my province didn't pursue such an idea (and my thoughts are very unnerving). I do know that my current MP - Rob Moore - heard me during the debates. He even ran a radio ad mentioning the issue towards the tail-end of the campaign. He won, flew off to Ottawa, and didn't say a word about it.

And here we are in 2007 shipping OUR natural gas to Boston! Now let's be fair, there will be an employment spike in the Sussex area - once the lateral pipeline is built, the workforce will increase by a little less than one overtime position.

We need a voice; a loud, carrying voice! Fundy Royal and New Brunswick needs to be represented by someone who will demand fair treatment.

If you think I brought some good ideas to the debates and the doors the last time around, just wait for what we have in store this time. See you on the hustings.

Rob Moir (Candidate)

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