Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Quick Accounting

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Hi all;

It's been a while since I have posted. Not that I haven't been interested, but I went away in June and returned to get a new knee. I spent the summer recovering and trying to deal with the billions of reports Shawn Graham's government has thrown at us. Most recently, I've been fighting to keep UNBSJ alive. To be honest, it has been quite fun but a little wearing.

Some recent highlights:

1) I gave a panel presentation on the New Brunswick Economy to the Progressive Economics Forum at the Canadian Economics Association meetings in Halifax.

2) I was a keynote speaker at the New Brunswick Environmental Networks Annual meeting in Saint John. E-mail me at if you want my speaking notes.

3) I gave a panel presentation on the Economic Value of a Community University at a Public Forum held at Germain Street United Baptist Church, Saint John.

4) I got to introduce Jack Layton at the NB NDP Biennial Convention where we elected our new provincial leader, Roger Duguay.

5) I organized a Jack Layton passage to be read at the "Save UNBSJ Rally" held Oct. 13.

6) I wrote an emergency resolution calling upon the NB government to reject the Post-secondary Education Report in its entirety and instead invest in a strong student-focused public post-secondary education system consisting of both universities and colleges. The emergency resolution passed unanimously.

7) I just joined a group in Saint John that is working towards building stronger more progressive governments at the municipal level.

8) Just today, I was interviewed by CBC TV for national coverage of the Irving newspaper scandal (

We're working hard to bring a strong progressive view to Fundy Royal and New Brunswick. We need your help however. What issues interest you? How can we help? How can you help us? Let us know.


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