Thursday, May 21, 2009

MP Rob Moore Fights Against Fundy Park Expansion

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Sorry to be away for so long.  Catching up on work and my family life.

I saw that Mr. Moore decided to do the un-environmental thing and block expansion of Fundy National Park (  As this Times & Transcript editorial points out, another anti-environmental move to (perhaps) protect some narrow special interest groups similar to his stance on the removal of the Petitcodiac Causeway (

Anyway, here's a letter I sent in as a response.

Keep up the struggle.


As a Fundy Royal constituent, I am all for westward expansion of Fundy National Park.  The boundaries of the park would then contain a complete watershed and, as a province, we would secure a large undeveloped coastal area; something unique on the eastern seaboard.

The expansion of Fundy National Park is a wise move from an ecological standpoint.  From a business perspective, an expanded park further secures one anchor of the Fundy Trail and provides a wonderful opportunity for low-environmental impact tourism (a growing niche market).  Combine the two arguments, and you have a strong long-run economic argument for expansion.

I don’t know exactly who Mr. Rob Moore is listening to, but, from the conversations I have had, I have a very hard time believing that he’s listening to most of us.  

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