Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dark Day for Canada

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I'm finding it hard to find hope these days.

Mr. Harper went to the Commonwealth meetings and yet again ignored the importance of climate change, obviously choosing to remain a relative of the 'Albertosaurus'. His representative in Fundy Royal, MP Rob Moore, seems to be lock-step with his leader as he squirms to find ways to avoid funding the restoration of the Petitcodiac. Likewise, John Baird (Minister of the Environment) has followed Mr. Harper's orders and rejected all calls for a Full Federal Panel Review of the impacts of the first new oil refinery in North America in 25 years ; see the Harvard Medical School's report to find out the full range of cancers caused by oil refineries, and recall that the prevailing winds will bring emissions across Fundy Royal.

The recent IPCC report clearly indicates scientific consensus over climate change and global warming. It's not the environmentalists, nor the NDP, nor the Liberals, nor Mr. Harper that form this reality ... no matter who [de]cries the case publicly.

Mr. Harper's only support in the anti-global warming cause is George W. Bush, now that Australian voters have seen the (compact flourescent) light and elected Labour leader Kevin Rudd as their new Prime Minister .

I'm teaching an Environmental Economics class this term, which I really enjoy. My students and I, however, have become jointly depressed over the possibilities of Canada to find a solution to our pollution woes. In my opinion, we should declare waste (or waste disposal services) to be a tradeable good, as this would require us to acknowledge the leakage of air pollution across provincial and international boundaries as a matter of federal concern and thus federal jurisdiction. At the same time, we HAVE to increase the public demand for a cleaner environment.

Without a change in the political regime, without a change in the fundamental realities underlying economics, I believe our future (not to mention the futures of our children and grandchildren) looks pretty bleak.

Do I think there's time? Yes! There's time to change your vote and there's time to change your footprint.

Please get started now!


Anonymous said...

I think it is important to note that the refinery is about to be built very near Mispec, which is actually part of Fundy Royal. The only access to Mispec is via the Red Head rd.

So this is very much a Fundy Royal issue. This does raise another issue though. Why in the heck is Mispec in Fundy Royal when it is only accessible by driving THROUGH Saint John?

Rob Moir said...

Yes, you're right it is a Fundy Royal issue and even more pertinent given it is taking place in a corner of the riding. (In reality, the oil refinery is a world issue).

I too find the boundaries of Fundy Royal a bit wierd. Part, but not all of Quispamsis. Part, but not all of Riverview. Mispec which is only accessible if we leave the riding and re-enter.

As confusing as it is, I think it is pretty neat. It means I get to meet that many more interesting people, and if (when) I am MP, I will have a lot of fun working with fellow MPs from the region (and maybe sort them out a little at the same time).

-Cheers, Rob