Saturday, November 17, 2007

Meeting the Provincial Leader

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Today was a bit of a family day. Megan, Sam, Gwyneth and I welcomed Santa to town in Saint John. Generally things were quite joyous. I noticed that people were oddly quiet as the Irving Oil float went by. I was a bit put off when a church Christmas float went by with the message, "Support Our Troops." It just seems out of place when we are celebrating a birthday for the Prince of Peace.

Later I went to a meet & greet for the recently elected leader for the NB NDP - Roger Dugay ( A fair number of people were there. What struck me most was the age range - from highschool students to, shall we say, LONG time supporters. It was great to see the conversations that got started and the strategies developed. There's a real hunger out there for a party that represents PEOPLE and COMMUNITY. We're contemplating doing a leader's tour in Fundy Royal. Let me know your thoughts on this.

Now it's time to answer e-mails and hit the sack because I have to be up early to turn on the heat and clean up the church for a function tomorrow.

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