Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stoffer in NB for victims of Agent Orange

Once again, the Harper government has fallen short on one of its many promises to Canadians. Today NDP Member of Parliament and Veterans' Affairs critic Peter Stoffer was in Oromocto, along with representatives from the Canadian Agent Orange Association, to call out Harper's government on its failure to adequately compensate victims of the many toxic defoliants which were sprayed at CFB Gagetown.

It is interesting to note that the Minister of Veterans' Affairs, Greg Thompson, himself a New Brunswick MP, has made so little progress on this file given his comments in 2005 when he was in Opposition. Harper's inaction highlights the true agenda when it comes to the military - it's about war and the machines of war and not the people left behind after the fighting is over.

These victims, mostly former members of our armed forces and their families, deserve respect and dignity for their service and sacrifice to our country, yet Harper's government will not compensate them for the long term damages that they have suffered.

This is shameful! Thankfully an NDP MP takes up the torch when Harper and his government failed.

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