Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Strike Back at Excess

I pass on this suggestion from a friend. It is a very small way to get back at corporations that sell us stuff we don't need. I have never had a problem with this technique, but please experiment carefully.

Homemade Microwave Popcorn

1 bag of bulk popcorn
1 paper sandwich bag
  1. Pour about 1 cm of popcorn kernels into the sandwich bag (so the bottom is just covered)
  2. Fold down the top 1cm of the bag (to close the top)
  3. Fold it down again
  4. Dog-ear the two corners of the bag (this keeps the bag closed but not tightly sealed)
  5. Place bag on its side in microwave and hit the Popcorn button (or pop as long as you would normally pop a regular bag of microwave popcorn)
Happy munching without weird noxious chemicals and without all the extra packaging.


mt said...

great, now i'm hungry....

mt said...

I'd also like to add, that article isn't as ridiculous as it might sound. I know someone who's in the 2 bag per day region of microwave popcorn consumption...

sad, but true.