Friday, April 11, 2008

Natural Gas in NB

I sent this to the 3 big Irving papers and the Kings County Record. I don't know if it will be published, but I wanted to share it.

I too share Ms. Whalen’s concerns over the storage of natural gas in salt caverns (Telegraph Journal, 10 April, Letters). Recent radio reports have suggested this storage option, but I wonder if people realize that the idea was publicly discussed by Corridor Resources at a Global Energy Conference held on 24 October 2007 in Miami?

Corridor’s presentation can be found at If you look at page 27, you will notice a suggested gas pipeline from the McCully gas field to a salt cavern near Salt Springs. The gas pipeline seems to follow a similar route to the proposed brine line from the potash mine.

Perhaps more interesting is the proposed gas pipeline connecting Canaport LNG to the same salt cavern.

Are we witnessing a budding partnership between Corridor Resources and a company partially owned by Irving Oil? Could this be the reason two different provincial governments and Fundy Royal’s MP, Rob Moore, have failed to pursue the idea of an Energy Park in the Sussex area?

Suppose Corridor Resources is successful in finding the “several trillion cubic feet of [natural] gas” they suspect is in the Frederick Brook shale deposit near Elgin (Telegraph Journal, 2 April, B1). Can New Brunswickers look forward to producing cleaner power in a gas turbine co-generation plant? Can we get the jobs instead of exporting the gas to Boston and importing either value-added products or energy?

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