Wednesday, April 2, 2008

True costs of uranium mining outweigh benefits

2 April 2008

, New Brunswick

Fundy Royal NDP candidate and economist Rob Moir was among the keynote speakers at Moncton's Public Awareness meeting to discuss the effects of test drilling and uranium mining on our health and ecosystem. Dr. Moir's presentation outlined the overall effects that uranium exploration and mining has on the economy.

Moir toasted the crowd with a glass of Moncton city water, and commenced by saying, "Thank you Moncton for keeping water public, and here's to keeping it free of radioactivity."

Dr. Moir went on to challenge the common notion that this development represents a choice between the environment and the economy. "The reality of the situation," says Moir, "is that this is a choice simply between short-term business profits and the environment." Moir contends that many of the economic costs of such projects are drawn out into the long term, and they persist well after the profits have been realized. Some of these costs include not only environmental damage, but long term health costs, ongoing cleanup efforts, and systemic reductions in property values. Unfortunately, these spillover costs are incurred by working people, businesses, and governments for generations.

Dr. Moir thanks members of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick for the invitation to speak at this function, and is encouraged by the strong turnout at the Capitol Theatre. "It is certainly promising to see so many people interested and involved with this issue. It is critically important at this time for citizens of Fundy Royal, New Brunswick, and Canada as a whole to work together and have our voices heard."

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