Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Day on the Trail

A pretty busy day today. Went in to the University to meet with the Washington Institute. This not-for-profit group provides some phenomenal opportunities for students to work in areas like international trade, energy policy, poverty reduction, and so on. It is a really great opportunity for students.

I met Mr. Moore at the ferry today - he was canvassing. He came to my car and jokingly asked for my vote. We had a nice chat for a few minutes, during which he commented on the fuel efficiency of my car. I just wish Mr. Harper would pay attention and do something to help all us regular people who are having to cope with high gas prices.

I heard Mr. Moore chat to the person behind me in the lineup. He started with a line like, "I'm Rob Moore, running against Rob Moir." He has that right - well, almost right. He's running against a whole team of us. There's a very large number of New Brunswickers (especially in Fundy Royal) that want to see a change. I can't do it, but WE can and WE will!

Thanks to everyone who is helping. If you want to help too, please talk to neighbours and friends about the momentum of our campaign. Point them to this blog or to the website ( If you are really eager, and I hope you are, then please contact the office (506-832-0570) and find out how you can help. There are lawn signs to deliver, doors to knock on, and phone calls to make.

Another thing you can all do is participate in CBC's Riding Talk ( Let's oust Mr. Moore and send a loud "NO" to Mr. Harper from Fundy Royal.

Good night everyone. Tomorrow is another exciting day.

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