Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gearing up for Ottawa

Sorry to have been away for so long. First I got busy putting together a reply to that backwards tax proposal put together by the neo-liberal Liberals of New Brunswick. I loved the fact that most families would pay more in taxes overall so that the Irvings and their executives could pay less. I'll post a piece I wrote for the TJ in a few minutes or so. In any event, that took a while as I had to learn how to use some new software.

Then there was work on writing some papers for my daytime job as a prof and taking over as Acting Chair of the Social Science Department. Sneak a vacation day or two in there to spend with my family and that brings us to my big news.

On Aug 30, I became a dad for the third time. Little Tobias was born, and he is amazing. I swear I heard him say, "Dad, Mr. Harper is breaking his rules by calling an election. Please don't let him take over. Dad, please go change the world ... and my diaper."

So here we are, more prepared than ever before. People from all over the riding are calling for signs. Volunteers are coming at us from all directions. Expect to see a press release very soon. And that will be followed by another and another and another. We'll get our message out that the hardworking people of Fundy Royal - the families, the fishermen, foresters, and farmers, the small business owners - we all want our riding back. We want Ottawa to hear from Fundy Royal; we're sick-and-tired of following the latest wishes of Presi (oops) Prime Minister Harper.

So ... I invite you to stand up, take charge, and join in this campaign with everything you've got. I'm not looking to win, I'm looking for us to win!

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