Saturday, October 11, 2008

Campaign - final days

Wow, what a campaign this has been. Sorry to have missed blogging for a while. Things are a little crazy when you are a dad for two school-aged kids, a NEW dad (Toby's 6-weeks old today), and everybody in the riding seems to want a piece of you. But, it has been great fun and I have once again learnt a great great deal.

I'll do a highlights blog a little later, but here I want to speculate a little.

WE (and I use that word because We are a team) have a very real chance of WINNING!

"WHAT???!!!" you say.

Well, I can tell you that the Conservatives are worried - they have said as much to us at various debates and events. I can tell you that a number of progressive conservatives are shifting our way.

I can tell you that significant portions of the Liberal campaign machine throughout Fundy Royal have stepped away from their candidate and some are even actively and openly working with us.

I can tell you that the Green candidate from the last election, Patty Donovan, has given us her FULL endorsement (see the CBC's riding talk).

I can tell you that even the press is contacting us with a very positive sign of "word-on-the-street is ..." and they are talking about a win.

I can tell you that both "Strategic Voting" and "Vote for the Environment" have identified our campaign as the one to support.

This is going to be a hard-fought race to the end. Harper's support across the country is dropping drastically - their "do nothing" approach to the economy, the massive increase in cost of Afghanistan, their "do nothing " approach to the environment, their rampant corporatism, the fact that their local candidates are muzzled and cannot speak to local issues - it's all bad for them.

This leads to the Liberal rise based on a claim to sound fiscal management. I have one problem with this. What has gotten us into this massive economic turmoil - a lack of financial accountability, especially on loans. What bill did the Liberals vote as a block against - Bill C-29 "An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act (accountability with respect to loans)"? Every other party supported it. So, the party that assures us it can solve our economic woes does not want more complete accountability with respects to loans? Seems odd to me.

Well, off to go door-to-door. I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the special moments you have with your family.


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