Monday, October 13, 2008

Only one more day!

Hello Friends;

This has been a wonderful ride - the whole team has performed extremely well. We now wait for the votes to roll in. The Elections Canada campaigning blackout starts with the opening of the polls tomorrow, so this will be the last message we're able to post online until the results come in.

But in advance of this last day, we do have one more favour to ask...

Please get your friends, family and neighbors out to vote!!!

We have really impressed a great number of people this campaign. We have the favored candidate on the CBC Riding Blog. We have the wholehearted support of the Green Candidate from the last election (Patty Donovan). We have a number of past Liberal campaign organizers actively working with us. We have met many long-time Progressive Conservatives who are supporting us. In addition, we are the preferred candidate for Fundy Royal on both and Friendly newspaper reporters on the street are telling us that we have the campaign to watch!

Fundy Royal deserves a progressive voice in Ottawa - a voice that cares about the environment and about jobs. A voice for the hardworking people and communities in this great riding. A voice that has been there for local issues and will continue to be there, because Fundy Royal matters!

Join in the process. Spread the word to as many people as you can. Let's win this together!


The Rob Moir Team.

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