Thursday, March 13, 2008

Letters to the Editor...

The two following letters appeared in the March 13th edition of the Telegraph Journal in Saint John, NB.

Save the money wasted on reports

I suspect that the Graham government will one day be remembered as an era of rule by report. I am not sure how many will think that it was an era of 'good' rule however.

Many people predicted the general policy recommendations of the Post-Secondary Education report before it was officially released, even as a trial balloon. It would seem that recommending that we destroy universities and build polytechnics might be expected when one of the report's authors (Rick Miner) sits on the board of Polytechnics Canada.

While I have heard on his call-in sessions that Education Minister Lamrock is not interested in anecdotal evidence, I was told last summer that French immersion in general, and early French immersion in particular, was under threat from his office.

Half-a-year later the government receives a report that, contrary to respected evidence from across the nation, severely undermines French immersion in New Brunswick.

Then the government receives "Public Views on Forest Management in New Brunswick" which surveys people's opinions of the management of Crown lands. This report is about our land, and how we feel about it; so the Graham government permits one public presentation of the report's findings and cancels eight others.

If this government wants to rule by decree - not something that I support - then please save taxpayers the money you waste on reports that either reach the conclusion you've already come to, or provide information that you are unwilling to hear.

NDP candidate for Fundy Royal


Canadians want clean air, water

Canadians want action to protect our environment. We want clean air and water for our children and grandchildren. Unfortunately the Harper government isn't listening. A year ago, the Conservatives introduced their so-called Clean Air Act - a bill that would make the air dirtier.

The NDP convinced all parties to work together to re-write the bill.

The new Clean Air and Climate Change Act was supported by the majority of Parliament. When the government shelved the improved C-30, the NDP made a motion to bring the Bill back. That motion also was supported by a majority of this House.

Yet, now, months later, no action has been taken on this Bill. The NDP believes that Canadians can't wait any longer, and used their Opposition Day in the House of Commons on Monday to introduce a vote of non-confidence in the Harper government, for its refusal to bring the Clean Air and Climate Change Act back to the House. That motion was defeated with the help of the Liberals.

Millions of Canadians who sent Liberal MPs to Ottawa must be sorely disappointed to know that only ten Liberal MP's even voted on this motion.

All the others abstained, including each and every New Brunswick Liberal MP.

Why do Dion's Liberals continue to prop up the Harper government? Are no issues important enough for action? Not even the environment?

Only the NDP has been consistently determined to protect our environment and Canadian families.

Only the NDP has been serving as opposition.

(NDP Candidate for) Tobique-Mactaquac

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