Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Recent Letter - Carbon Taxes

This was published in the Telegraph Journal on 22 February and Daily Gleaner on 26 February.

Carbon taxes way to go

I was very excited to learn that British Columbia has followed through and introduced carbon taxes.

As a person who has done research in this area, I was excited to see off-setting tax cuts mentioned. Economists refer to this practice as tax-shifting.

Firms, public relations companies, right-wing think tanks and some governments often focus solely on the increase in costs associated with improved environmental quality. They fail to mention the significant damages caused by loosely regulated emissions: climate change; increased demands on our health-care system adding to wait times; reduced productivity; lower crop yields.

Moreover, by stressing carbon taxes as an additional cost or tax or consumer burden, these groups scare the average hard-working consumer who believes we already pay too much tax.

It is great to see B.C. provide a workable solution. Now, are our Premier Shawn Graham and Environment Minister Roland Hache listening or will they choose to ignore this important opportunity?

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