Friday, March 28, 2008

Voting Records

People, both NDP supporters and non-supporters, have told me they are upset with the NDP propping up the Harper government. They see Jack Layton as ineffectual and sometimes too cooperative with Harper.

This is a quick summary of the latest sitting of Parliament and votes cast. For greater detail, see this Edmonton Journal article (28 March 2008). There have been a total of 76 votes so far in this session.

Avg # of Votes by MPs

Leader’s # of Votes

% Agreement with CONS

















The average voting rate for Liberal MPs is about 64.4% which is less than the 64.7% of eligible voters who felt called to vote in the last Federal Election.

Who is the Real Opposition?

If you count seats, I guess it is the Liberals.

However, when it comes to votes and voting record, the Real Opposition is the NDP!

If we want to tame Harper, if we want to build a Canada that works for average hardworking Canadians and their families, then next time around, vote NDP. We're always on the job!


Anonymous said...

If you want to tame Harper...etc., then stop running down the Librals, like you did last election, and look who won! Do want a Harper Majority?

Anonymous said...

I think that statement of the previous commenter was pretty much refuted by the stats that Mr. Moir gives within this post.

What more do you want them to do to "stop running down the Liberals". This shows that the NDP have been opposing Harper's agenda more than the Liberals themselves.

I think it would be wise for all Canadians to realize that the Liberals are irrelevant in the upcoming election due to their internal divisions hampering Dion's ability to win. There are many Liberals that desperately want a "do-over" of their last leadership campaign, and that simply cannot happen if Dion is Prime Minister. So he is unlikely to have full support from within his own party, no matter when an election is called.

For a true voice against Harper in the next election, it is clear that my vote is going to the NDP candidate.